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Ghostly flower

playing with some filters


Day 273 Macro bee

this little guy gave me some great photo ops.

Day 272 pull the string

the simple desk lamp.

Day 260 tired out

here is Cocoa and her best bud from next door Reilly

Day 259 Sam’s table

Samantha got a new table so she can hold Court

Day 257 my favorite dinner.

beef and pasta surprise…

Day 256 my daughters necklace

my daughter had this on her dresser and it was just asking to be photographed.

day 255 Grilling in the rain

here is the grill preheating in the rain

Day 254 look ma no hands

this is my friend Dan out practicing.
he runs a site
I used to be involved in this community but sold my last bike when i took my bride.
I do miss the thrill of the power and speed!

Day 252 caught him in flight

I was practicing my tracking and was able to catch this guy!