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365\10 enter the dragon

Today I went for a photowalk with two co workers.
we came across this dragon over by the fidelity building and it was screaming for some hdr treatment.
shot with canon 5d2 and 17-40 with a 3 stop ND filter attached.



Day 254 look ma no hands

this is my friend Dan out practicing.
he runs a site
I used to be involved in this community but sold my last bike when i took my bride.
I do miss the thrill of the power and speed!

Day 240 small pond

here is a nice shot at dusk showing one of the local ponds

Day 239 Evening light

here was the last of the days light filtering through the window

Day 237 the filling!

we made stuffed peppers and here is the stuffing!

Day 236 the lake

here is the look from one of my favorite childhood fishing holes.

Day 235 Dragonfly

here is a little fella who let me get close enough for a good shot!

Day 234 lazy dog

here is cocoa with her leave me alone look.

Day 233 bullwinkle

a boxing pen that looks like bullwinkle

Day 232 star trails

we had a nice night to catch some star trails.